Redstorm original intention

Originally, this custom was going to be Warpath. As it progressed and with all the Warpath customs out there, I felt it would be more fun to make it an original counter Warpath Decepticon: Redstorm.

Redstorm is Warpath on steroids with roidrage. He has an endless variety of munitions to load into his hive of rocket launchers. Like Warpath his favorite munitions are simple explosive shells but unlike Warpath, Redstorm fires 8x a time. Redstorm's style of hunting is using himself as bait. He's a big red target to be shot at so he can generously return the favor. He does not hesitate in returning fire nor does he care if his barrage of rockets turns innocent by-standers into red or metallic mist.

The sound of Redstorm's KABOOMs can be heard and felt from miles away. In close quarters, the pain of his fist pounding into and shattering Autobots can be felt by onlookers. Redstorm is one big red mean Decepticon.