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Background Information

In art, a commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of a piece, often on behalf of another. If you wish to request commissions feel free to contact me. For more information on commissions read below.

Quick Facts

  • I only take a very limited number of commission at a time, the average waiting list time (2 - 4 months)
  • Average project completion time is 2-3 month from start to finish. This is because I mostly work on weekends.

What you can expect

  • Once the commission is accepted, the whole process should be pretty pleasant. I’m just as excited as you are on the piece requested, communication is good and we ’get’ each other.
  • I do not duplicate/replicate (same style & mold) my commissioned pieces. This keeps your piece unique and special.
  • Photo / Work in Progress (WIP) updates are provided as significant steps in the customizing process are accomplished. Photo updates usually don’t start until 1-2 weeks in because the bulk of that period is prep work.
  • If any issues arise I’ll let you know promptly and contribute to finding the best resolution. Most cases issues are found out early during the prep phase. They are usually factory defects or quality issues which causes a part to break.

Basic Commission Requirements

  • Commission needs to be something I’m willing and able to do. It doesn't matter how much money is offered.
  • We need to be able to communicate and understand each other. Photo references with remarks usually do the trick.
  • NO Micromanaging, commission request should be because the client enjoys and trusts my artistic style and direction. If this is not the case, I cannot accept the commission. If a commission has already started and micromanaging becomes a problem I will cancel the commission.
  • For new clients: A minimum non-refundable payment of $60(USD) or 33% of the commission cost (whichever is greater) is required before starting an accepted request.


  • I charge a flat rate
    • Rate is determined by project scope/ size
    • Rate includes paint
    • Rate does not include shipping and cost of figure / parts
  • Clients are welcome to supply the base figure and/or any accessories they wish to have customized
  • In cases where it is cheaper for me to purchase the base figure and any additional parts, client can purchase the base figure /parts and have it shipped to me or provide me a budget and I will see if I can acquire the parts within the budget