About Us


I am an US Army combat veteran who finds his escape by creating some of art you see here. Chonosmoon is my chosen handle for customizing Transformers figures. I started customizing in 2010 and have always enjoyed Transformers since I was little kid in the 80s. I hope that my creations can share that same joy, if not better than what I had growing up on them.


Photography consultant. She is the one who got me started on how to take photos with a light box. She is also the creator of the first few light-boxes that were used.

Mr. Bear

A small puntable bear. As Chief Consumer Officer (CCO), he is in charge of customer service, and is the source of all issues you may have with this website.

BTW! Mr. Bear is proven to have an amazing skillset of: Picking fights, deflecting blame, stealing shirts, flipping people off, hijacking skype sessions, stealing food, procuring items, terrible mispellings and grammar.

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About them


This section is for my customizing Transformers hobby. Each custom has a back story and journal/history to share. Pictures are done by my wife and myself.


This section is dedicated to share my learning experiences and advice on customizing and equipment.