Transformers Devastation Game Inspiration

After pre-ordering Transformers Devastation last month. I felt inspired to do this custom. Given, I already had a Titan Class Devastator on display. I decided to give it go.

Instead of doing a full overhaul, strip and repaint of the figure, Titan Class Devastator was customized with the subtle nudge you see here to make him more awesome. Details below...

Modification Paint Details:

  • Finished Figure off in a multiple Matte Coats to reduce shine of plastic to give more cartoon look
  • Painted MixMaster Combined Mode Foot
  • Painted in all vehicle wheels’ rims/hubcaps
  • Painted Devastator’s crotch armor green (original figure has it purple)
  • Painted Devastator’s hips to Purple (original figure was silver)
  • Painted Combined mode knee joints (original was unpainted green)
  • Stripped chest armor paint so it is mostly purple
  • Added cell shaded details to:
    • Devastator’s combined mode forearms
    • Devastator’s combined mode rifle
    • Devastator’s combined mode hands
    • Devastator’s combined mode chest armor
    • Devastator’s combined mode head
    • Long Haul’s front grill
    • Devastator’s combined mode vents on crotch and chest armor

In the end, I felt this custom was pretty fun. This is the first custom I did that wasn't a complete overhaul. I wish tht whomever wins it, enjoys it just as much~ :D