G1 Skywarp

Skywarp is actually one of my favorite Transformers characters. Being a ninja myself and with Skywarp's original tech spec bio stating he was a master of sneak attacks, and had teleportation abilities to cause mayhem amongst the Autobots—and his fellow Decepticons when playing malicious pranks. I realized we had a lot in common. :P

This is my second custom.

Skywarp was made using the Voyager ROTF Starscream mold. I first was going to use the Transformers Movie 1 voyager mold, but it was not that great. The ROTF version of Starscream is actually ALOT better than the one from the Transformers Movie 1. A little more complex transformation but the end product is much better quality.

Inspiration Used:

My main source of inspiration for this was the G1 color scheme mixed with the War for Cybertron Video Game version which paid good homage to the original G1 Skywarp. Additionally I used a realistic photoshoped image I found on the internet.