I started and completed this custom in December of 2012 and like most of my customs did not get to post it until I finally put time aside to take pictures.

I really wanted to do this piece because Shattered Glass (SG) Soundwave's color theme matches up well with the color of real life drones. Being a Veteran fond of Transformers that turn into military vehicles and aircraft, this was right up my alley.

In addition to that, I felt the way Soundwave portrayed in Prime was also fitting for his alt mode. A quiet watcher, that can really kick some ass when directed.

For SG Soundwave color references I used the picture on the left which is Fan art by zibanitu6969 @ deviantart.com. You can see his profile & work here zibanitu6969.deviantart.com

As far as modifications, most of them entailed just shaving down some parts to avoid paint rub. This was mainly done in the arm pit area. If you have this figure at home, you will notice the area can grind pretty hard during transformation if you are not careful.

Outside of that, the figure is mainly a straight repaint with a vinyl decepticon symbol on the right shoulder which provides a slight embossed look. The figure was then finished off several thin layers of a gloss topcoat.

When the figure first came out it was pretty difficult for me to find it in stores and still is. I lucked out one day and saw 2 on the shelf and bought both of them, after that I never seen one on the shelf again. Since I got another one I may revisit this mold again.