“Polyoxymethylene (POM) cannot be painted” is what people generally said whenever the topic of customizing MasterMind Creatsion (MMC) Bovis aka NOT Predacaon Tantrum. One of my clients felt I could do it, and people didn’t believe him. I then told my client we’ll do better, not only will customize Bovis I will do it in high detail!

Inspiration - TF Legends Tantrum

So... 2 months later here is MMC Bovis customized and painted in high detail. For those who don’t know what POM is, it is a type of plastic that is used for high performance parts that require durability such as small gear wheels, ball bearings, ski bindings and fasteners. The problem with it when it comes to customizing is that POM is typically very difficult to bond. Paint generally does not stick will to it. Being known to do that, there are a number of hobbyists that exaggerate its ability to hold paint to the point where some truly believe it cannot be done. About 40% of Bovis is made of POM.

While researching POM, before this commission I came across the statement that the M16 rifle's stock and other parts are made of POM. Once I read that, I knew POM could decently hold paint. I knew because during my tour overseas I’ve been around weapons that were spray painted.

The truth is in this custom’s case, POM does hold paint; it just does not hold it well enough for rough handling.

In the end, I'm really happy how this came out especially consider the potential disaster it could have been. I also appreciate the client's willingness for me to go all out on this figure with highlights and shading.