This project is one I did for myself earier this year around May. I would have posted it earlier but I moving around that time.

Anyways, this project was to be a Datsun version of G1 Lockdown but the inspiration slightly changed as the project moved forward. Lockdown was intended to go with the barricade I made. The idea was I wanted Lockdown to look more like a custom Datsun, not a “death race” car.

Instead of a hook for a hand, I felt a grappling “hook” gun would be more fun. For me personally it got what I was aiming for.

I added some Easter egg homages to Animated, such as the inner right forearm gold/yellow and left is metallic purple. Also under the rear windows the robot parts are also a different metallic colors.

Lockdown’s head is extremely articulated as it comes from ROTF deluxe lockdown figure. The head has a magnetic connection so it can easily be removed to transform him. The Weapon is difficult to place since it is original a Gundam pla weapon.