Sold Update: May, 12th 2013

Slipstream's new home

Within a couple hours of being posted on eBay Slipstream was sold! (5-May-2013)

The buyer is really great guy and I'm very glad he picked up it. He sent me a very appreciative message after receiving Slipstream. Messages like this really keep me motivated on continuing to customize. =)

Buyer's Message: "I just wanted to send you a personal message that I just received your superb, beautifully done custom of Slipstream, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the extra white box that was included, I will display this masterpiece proudly in my IKEA case along with my other seekers, man, you really outdone yourself this time, props to you, and once again you sir are a true gentlemen and customizer, THANK YOU!"


WFC Slipstream concept art

Slipstream is a female Decepticon Seeker, she is described as one who specializes in sarcasm and insults hidden behind a thin veneer of humor.

Inspiration and Methods:

For inspiration I used the concept are from the War for Cybertron. (Seen Below)

The mold I used was Hunt for the Decepticons: Terradive