Shockwave also known as Shockblast, is logic driven Decepticon. Emotionless like Soundwave minus ethics like trust and loyalty to others. Shockwave is more diabolical in sense he's into bio-engineering things.

Inspiration and Methods:

FOC / WFC Shockwave

For inspiration I used the representation of Shockwave from the Fall of Cybertron video game and mixed it up with some notes from G1 Shockwave. G1 Shockwave would sometimes appear to be more red-purple than purple from time to time, so to capture that effect I used a variety of shades mixed with an iridescent medium applied in several thin layers.

The result is a Custom Figure that will look more purple when less light is present and more red-purple in brigther condtions.

I did not add the signature yellow eye from G1 Shockwave because I felt the purple/pink-white eye was more fitting for the mold.

Outside of the purple color tone, I added the Decepticon Symbol on his forearms and the needed Cannon Cable which this figure originally doesn't come with. Shockwave's cannon to be held in either left or right hand like a rifle or pistol or on either forearm as a hand replacement like in the G1 series.

The Alt mode has 2 two different configurations, it can be Transformed like intended with the rear booster on top (Photos: 18-27) or with the rear boosters on the bottom so the cannon cable is more exposed. (Photos: 28-34)

Quick Features Summary:

  • Laser Cannon can attached to either hand or forearm
  • Added screw in connection on Laser Cannon for the custom Cannon Cable
  • G1 Inspired Decepticon Symbols on Forearm
  • Maintained FOC Eye Color
  • Layered shading
  • 2nd Alt mode option to show off the Lase Cannon cable connection.