Scourge in Transformers Robots in Disguise

This custom is directly inspired by the Takara Tomy RID Scourge in my personal collection. I kept the art style simple so the figure would blend in with non-customized figures. The idea was to completely transform the original base figure (FOC Optimus Prime) into Scourge without making it obvious the figure was customized at all!

Scourge Color Design decisions

Keeping the detailing simple was hard for me because I had to often stop myself from adding the meticulous detailing I’m used to. Challenge in the end was very satisfying and I love how the figure looks next to RID Scourge.

One of the few things, I like about this one in particular is that he really looks like a mini me of scourge. Most customs I’ve seen of scourge always have the windows red, or and smoke pipes silver. Considering the “cybertronian” style mold used I made my design decisions accordingly.