DOTM Cyberverse Legion Soundwave As Advertised Image

I did this new custom on one of my last days of R&R before returning to Afghanistan.

Originally, I didn't plan on doing this figure simply because it looked ok as advertised on stores online.

During break while shopping with my wife, we saw Soundwave in an aisle and I scooped him up. The figure didn't look as advertised!

For inspiration:

DOTM Cyberverse Legion Soundwave As Actual Image

I took a few image stills of Soundwave from Transformers: Dark of the Moon such as the one below and then added my own styling to the figure.

For styling, I dusted his alt mode with various hues from light blue to white silver. At certain angles and lighting he will appear more blue and in others more silver or white. I also wanted the figure to look slightly modified with black light covers and tinted windows to make alt mode seem a little more menacing. Some Panel lining was done on the inside of the arms with red and outside with black.

Overall, the custom took more work than I thought it would. Masking such a small figure turned out to be quite frustrating, so I ended up painting the windows by hand. Oh and man... some people may find doing panel lining hard on regular figures, imagine doing it on a legion class figure whom's base is a light color. >:O