Cyclonus Dreamwave Inspiration

This custom has been given as a gift to ThyVipera @ Procustomizers for the Procustomizer Secret Santa 2012 event. I was very honored to make the custom for him because I see him as one of top customizers.

The gift I received was a FOC Shockwave customized by Hotwire @ Procustomizers who is another great customizer. Pictures for that custom are here.

What motivated me to start this custom was Cyclonus's is protrayal as a loyal warrior in G1 series. Being an ex-soldier myself, that is something Ican appreciate. The requested theme from ThyVipera couldn't have been better: "Anything G1/ Classics G1, especially Decepticons.".

So the timing really worked out, which led to the making a this great figure as quoted in the above the image gallery.