Art Feather Bumblebee

This custom is a commission piece from the very same great client that commissioned Masterpiece MP-13 Nemesis Sideswipe. This "Terror" bee was designed to match the same theme. So level of detailing was kept somewhat low to maintain the factory paint scheme.

Classics Hasbro Bumblebee

Nemesis Bumblebee aka TerrorBee’s base is Art Feather (3rd Party) Bumblebee, the figure is basically a reshell of classics bumblebee. The re-shelling pays homage to the 1984 Transformers Bumblebee.

Terrorbee comes with several accessories.

  • Alternate Head (Classics Bumblebee Mold)
  • Sniper Rifle with Silent configuration and heavy fire power configuration
  • Bi-Pod for Sniper Rifle
  • Forward grip for Sniper Rifle
  • Dual Energon swords that can be held in hand or utilized in place of hands
  • "Thumbs Up" Left Hand
  • "Slap" Right Hand or "Hive Five" Right Hand