G1 and WFC Brawl
Growing up watching the G1 series and then later the 2007 movie, I didn't really care for Brawl. It wasn't until I played War for Cybertron, I became impressed by the character. Unlike his Generation 1 and movie counterpart both being nothing more than tactically unsound and battle-hungry ragers, Brawl in War for Cybertron did not just exhibit the same battle-hungry rage but was also tactically sound with leadership skills. Being a soldier myself, I can admire that.

The extent of weathering on most tanks

One thing I noticed is many customizers make thier modern tanks look all beat up and weathered. In reality, all commissioned military vehicles are kept clean and well maintained. Severe battle damage on a vehicle will only be seen during the actual combat the damge is taken. Compromised armor, deadlines a vehicle and requires it to be repaired before going out again. Unless you are representing a snapshot of battle, heavy battle damage makes no sense to me.

What happens after tanks have fun.

I wanted my version of Brawl to represent tanks I've seen in real life. I decided to remove the camoflauge the figure orginally came with because the green tanks I see these days do not have it, also neither do G1 and WFC brawl. Eventhough, green tanks aren't seen much in the todays battle field, I still opt'd to make Army Brawl green to keep him in line with his G1 and WFC counter-parts. If I ever revisit another Tank mold, I'll probably make it updated with a sand/tan color.