I like strong female leads, they are rare and often great contributers. With that, I don't believe it does any justice to them that they always be represented by the color pink or some sort variation of it. So for me, a different color scheme makes more sense for a female warrior.

The name Angelita-1, comes from the inspiration. Elita-1, the "eldest" of Arcee & Chromia and an angel, an entity that can be beautiful while at the same time may be present to save or destroy you.

Arcee - Angelita-1 Inspiration

For inspiration: Joy, a character from the game Bayonetta and a white Suzuki GSXR 1000, a motorocycle I was debating on purchasing in the color black a year ago. The color white was chosen in hopes to maintain the connection between G1 Elita 1, Chromia and Arcee since it is the one color they share.

One thing I learned creating this custom, is that white is a very difficult color to work with. Due to this experience I give a lot more credit to those who make great customs that are predominately white.