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May 5th, 2013

I now do most, if not all my pre-orders and third part figures orders through TF Source.


For me the ...
Excellent Customer Service + TF Source point Freebies + Discounts for buying certain cominations of items + Free shipping cannot be beat.

Continue reading to see why I believe this

Let's start with the Excellent Customer service...

oyWorld - H-01 Hardbone two Right Hands
Unlucky Manufacturer defect

Just a week ago I received two ToyWorld - H-01 Hardbone figures. One of them ended up having a manufacturer defect. The figure had two RIGHT Hands. Which was pretty shitty.

To get it resolved, I just sent an email to TFSource explaining the issue and then within that VERY WEEK I had a replacement left hand for Harbone in my hand and my defected figure was fixed!

If I bought the figure from overseas I would have to wait weeks to get it fixed if they would be willing to help me out.

If I bought the figure on ebay or somewhere else I mostly like would have had to return the figure or argue my case

So I am very happy how things turned out with TF Source and it was so smoothly resolved.


A list $133.85 worth of freebies I have claimed with my source points:

1 x Headrobots - Butcher - Upgrade Kit!
1 x Transformers 2012 - Generations Series 01 - Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime!
1 x Japanese Transformers Prime - AM-01 - Exclusive Battle Shield Optimus Prime !
1 x Headrobots - Blood DX - Upgrade Kit!
2 x Dr. Wu - DW-P05 Eyesight - Green Version!

Recent purchases & Pre-orders I scored with Discounts & FREE shipping.

An estimated total savings of $30 + cost of shipping

Reissue - Bruticus Maximus - Asia Exclusive Limited Edition - G1 Color Edition
Purchased with pre-order:$119.95 vs Regular Retail: $129.95

Crossfire 02 - Colossus Set - Munitioner and Explorer - by Fansproject
Purchased with pre-order: $119.99 vs Regular Retail: $129.99

MP-15 - Masterpiece Ravage & Rumble
Purchased with pre-order: $54.95 vs Regular Retail: $59.95

MP-16 - Masterpiece Frenzy & Buzzsaw
Purchased with pre-order: $54.95 vs. Regular Retail: $59.95


Sept 28, 2012

Here is my personal account & review of

When I first started writing about TFSource, the site when under some new program changes by adding free shipping and points rewards. So, I decided to wait on writing till several months after when thier program is tried and tested.

With that said, TFSource( is now the first place I shop domestically for hard to find, high-end and imported Transformers. This is mainly due to the free shipping and source points programs. Yet, when it comes to buying several imported items at a time, has the best prices if you buy bulk and can wait for it to come from overseas.

Source Points and Free Shipping!

My most recent purchases from were three MP-13 - Masterpiece Soundwave which got me free shipping and 755 points. 755 points pretty much equates to 4 free FOC figures on my next purchase. For example: These figures are 200 points: Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime & Fall of Cybertron Jazz

Freebies are awesome because both figures are great for repaints and custom fodder. Additionally, if TFSource keeps up with this pattern putting new figures that come as multiples in set boxes. I am totally for it!

A quick overview on how sourcepoints work.


Video Review of Mastermind Creations Knight Morpher Airborne Squad AWAKENING from TFSource.

Another great thing about TFSource is it strictly focused on transformers and you get a lot of extras in service because of that (like the video above). For one, most items on TFSource come with video reviews from people who know what they are talking about because they only need to understand follow Transformers, no Gundam, no movies specialty moves, other comic and anime lines, just transformers. What that also does indirectly is make the website a lot easier to navigate. Which is the next great thing…

One thing, I really appreciate the website layout is updated and modern, and searching for figures is extremely easy compared to most online Transformers stores. Being a developer and doing software & web Quality Assurance for a living I really have to give a tip of the hat to the team who made the site.

Closing Notes

Bottom line, TFSource is the best overall Transformers Figure supplier site in the states. The prices are competitive, the service is amazing, you get some sort of cash back (source points) and it is the only one that offers some sort of free shipping.


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