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July 23, 2012

The Robot Kingdom (RK) ( is the first place I shop when looking to buy imported transformers, and Gundams. They sell the latest import Transformers at the lowest prices I have seen AND they have GREAT SERVICE. This is the reason why I approached them for Sponsorship. They save my wallet and they provide outstanding service.

My entry here is my personal account & review of Robot Kingdom (

I first discovered Robot Kingdom, back in 2010 when looking to buy iGear and other 3rd party Transformers. My most recent purchases from them were TFC Toys Hercules.

Robotkingdom is based in Hong Kong, People's Republic of China which makes their base of operations much closer to where most imports are manufactured and sold. That allows them to sell figures for less than retailers found in the US. The only drawback is you will have to wait longer for your purchase to arrive to your doorstep ( if you are in the US or somewhere far from there ), but I'll cover that further down. If you're in Asia... more power to you! ^_^

The picture top-left, if you click on it you can see that you save significant amount of money ordering from The picture is a simple break down of purchasing TFC Toys Hercules Mad Blender Figure with shipping to the US from vs purchasing the same figure in the US and having it shipped somewhere in the US. (February 26, 2012):

So basically, by buying 6 of 6 of TF Hercules from, I saved at least over ~$120 with the trade off waiting for it to travel half way around the world. Sounds good to me, plus my Hercules now has one epic adventure under his belt~ :D

Addition to savings, robotkingdom has a quite a large selection of items ranging from Transformers, Gundams, Anime Figures, Marvel, DC and other Hobby figures. You can view the list on the left side nav of their site.

Anyways... Now I know many people from the US may be very skeptical about spending money overseas. The most common concerns I can think of:

So, I'll address those fears for you from my own experience and then end with my...

Security: Legitimacy & Payment Method

Yes, the products & company are legit! My TFC Hercules, 3rd party insecticons and everything else of I have ordered from them so far came in pristine packaging and legit. Realistically, if they weren't I highly doubt RK would still be in business. Also if you googled the term: " Scam" you won't get hits on them being illegitimate, INSTEAD... you'll find hits of news letters from legitimate fan sites on what you can buy from and forum posts of people citing their positive personal reviews & recommendations of So once again, is very legit.

Payment method for Robotkingdom if you are from the US is Paypal. So, Payment Method is secure for you and Enough said.

Customer Service

Customer Service for me has been very smooth. I had many questions before ordering for the first time and I have received timely responses with great courtesy and fluent English. I state fluent English because I know the fear and stereotype of overseas customer service from people who live in the US. The common impression is they do not communicate well in English. Well this is definately not the case. For me that puts a big 1 UP for robotkingdom over most overseas retailers. =)

As far as customer service issues with orders (after ordering & receiving), I have not had any reason to contact robotkingdom regarding that, which is the best you can get. Even if I did have to, based on my data mining & research where I see other customers are getting issues resolved and my prior experiences talking to Robotkingdom before ordering... I foresee things would go smoothly there as well.

Shipping Cost/Time & Customs offers three different shipping methods. Out of the three I only use Registered Air Mail Parcel. I do this because the other 2 methods are more expensive and would defeat the purpose of saving money on the import. It takes anywhere from 10 days to 15 days for me (NJ, USA) to receive my package.

With Air Mail, one needs to keep in mind that weather and international holidays will be the main culprit of delaying your shipment. It might be fine and dandy in your area for weeks without a single holiday passing but is it across the globe where your package currently is en route? Packages, just like people can get stuck at an airport for a night or two due to bad weather. Also different countries have different holidays may take those days off, like the US with President's day. So keep that in mind as well.

All packages are tracked and come in pristine condition. When I got my items they were shipped in hard thick cardboard with plastic foam cut out to conform to the shape of my items. If you are a MISB collector, I'd say shipping is fantastic. For my purposes it over the top, but I'm not complaining.

**NOTE** I have ordered another TFC Hercules... When I come back to the US and receive it, I'll hopefully remember to take pictures and I'll update here. ;D

In regards to Customs, ordering items shipped to the US, I have not experienced any heavy hold over. Having myself been deployed overseas and having to go through customs with shipping items home, I can't imagine customs holding items from robotkingdom for extended periods of time. Customs are just looking for specific things that are on their "no go" list. The only thing I can think can give a delay would G1 Megatron which would need to go through the same process as for any retailer to get him to the states because he is categorized as a replica gun. So, not a big deal for me.

Review Summary

Now with the above cleared out. has a large selection of figures and items. When ordering from RobotKingdom it takes some understanding and patience with shipping time. Patience comes with the biggest perk of saving money on imports and the added story that your import figure flew half way across the world to your door.

If you are the impatient type or need a figure quickly, you can order from somewhere else but you'll have pay extra for it. =(
Otherwise if you can afford the time, you can afford the savings. =)

My only gripe is the website does look a bit outdated, but personally that is not really important to me. When ordering something, I think what's really important is if I can find what I want, buy it and receive it with no issues which is what has delivered with my shopping experiences. =)



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