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Big Bad Toy Store Review

July 23, 2012

The Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS) ( is one of the main stores I shop online for Transformers, and specific figures that readily not available in the US locally.

My entry here is my personal account & review of Big Bad Toy Store.

I first discovered Big Bad Toy Store, back in 2009 looking for a ROTF Soundwave which at that time was hard to find. I ended up buying the figure at BBTS and that figure today is now my Royal Soundwave Custom, since then I have continued to shop there for Transformers and specific figures such as Video Game figures particular games by Capcom such as Megaman and Street Fighter. I also liked checking out the Military Figures particularly McFarlane's Military, but... that isn't even a smallest sliver of what this BBTS has to offer.

Maybe it is shame on me to only purchase from few of their lines, yet…

The amount of product lines BBTS has is VASTTTTTT… covering almost every major video game, comic, old school toy line, anime, and manga. Extremely VAST like Over 1,750 product lines, over the top and bigger than any figure shop I know based in the US.

You can see for yourself here (It will take you awhile to scroll through.) or click on the picture to the left which is a screen shot just the first 2 page scrolls.

Anyways, lets get back on track. For Transformers, BBTS usually is up to date on any pre-orders and are often the first to have pre-orders available, such as the upcoming Generations line Bruticus deluxe figures and all the big ones I myself plan on buying. Such as Masterpiece Soundwave, Generations Shockwave, Jazz and Bruticus as mentioned earlier.

As far rating, here is how I broke BBTS down.

Customer Service

My experiences with ordering from BBTS went like this. I ordered and I got what ordered. =) So I have never had to go through thier customer service. Which to me is more awesome than having amazing customer service to fix issues.

So becuase I never had to go through their Customer Service Deparment I did some heavy research for you.

Based on what I found googling "BBTS Customer Service reviews", "BBTS SCAM", "BBTS RIP OFF" and etc... BBTS seems to hold a high reputation in resolving any customer issues. I found it hard to find any consistent negative reviews. BBTS also has an A+ Better Business Bureau raiting! You can see for yourself here:


Packaging and shipping is well done. Costs are normal and they use some premium packing materials in order to keep your orders as safe as possible from any shipping damages. To show you, a buddy of mine from, primo-customs has provided me some pictures of his latest BBTS order via Pile of Loot. Pictures below...

BBTS also offers a unique way to save on shipping with a Pile of Loot feature which is what Primo used in the pictures above. That order is about 4 months of piling. (more later below)

Better Business Bureau Rated

As mentioned with Customer Service, a unique about BBTS is they are the only US hobby/toy store that is not a chain business I know of to have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. The BBB rating by the way is consistent for my personal experiences with them so far an A+ which is the highest rating possible.

In my personal opinion I believe this is due to BBTS founders being very much involved. They are still answering emails and personally doing business with their partners & customers. Which I feel gives the business soul or a spark. Also the staff is small less than 50 people. Which I believe says a lot because you can't run successful business on a small staff without them being dedicated. I know this first hand because growing up my dad poured his heart into his business and it was very successful.


For Cons, outside of the inherent norm cons of ordering items from an online store. I cannot think of any. I have read other people's reviews stating that the prices on some items are at premium, yet compared to other Transformers stores online the prices are average and realistic.

I can see how some people will have misconceptions thinking certain items are overpriced, yet the only items I have found/purchased Transformers wise that are expensive are either imported/3rd party or no longer sold on chain store shelves. So the price is actually fair and justified.

My best advice, if the price does feel high for you is to just do your homework and search around. The only online store that can beat BBTS is but in most cases the prices are almost always the same.

One thing I do appreciate, which I think many others do as well is the option to offset the natural cost of certain items via PILE OF LOOT. Pile of Loot allows you to save shipping cost by purchasing pre-orders and items and having them sent at the same time. You can read more here.

Closing Home Page

In closing, BBTS is a great store to purchase Transformers figures and any video game, comic, sci-fi, manga, old school toy line and anime figures and/or products you may enjoy. The selection is huge, customer service offers a lot of security and provides confidence in shopping and if you don't believe me you can also find tons of positive customer reviews online as well.


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